1. A brief list of socialists whose politics have been ignored in order to turn them into bland, inoffensive icons:

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GIF of the day
via Dorsey Shaw

The problem with American news media in a single gif.


    GIF of the day

    via Dorsey Shaw

    The problem with American news media in a single gif.

  3. Rep. Randy Neugebauer doesn’t understand irony.

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    Laughing to keep from crying.

    Laughing to keep from crying.

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    Republicans and Ritual Destruction


    Tibetan Buddhist monks will spend weeks creating a sand mandala only to ritually destroy it. There’s a lesson about labor, beauty, ephemerality, and futility in it.

    In that context, the Republicans actions lately have a certain logic. Spend two hundred odd years building a functional society and system of government and then do everything you can to bring it all crashing down. Why? Because you’re mad. Because you’re scared. Because the future looks different than the past and the only certainty is destruction.

  6. The GOP really needs to get its talking points in order…

    The gov’t shutdown represents a massive failure by the Democratic leadership!

    The gov’t shutdown is no big deal, and the Democrats are trying to exploit it for political gain!

    So which is it? You can’t have both, ya dinguses. 

  7. Dear GOP,

    For a crowd that loves to bray about the Constitution, it seems you have misplaced your copy. How else to explain your bizarre efforts to destroy the world unless you get your way?

  8. What’s so bad about a government shutdown? There are lots of nations out there that have gone for years without a functional government…

    Western Sahara, Somalia, Belgium... 

  9. Southerners love electing dumbasses, and then we complain when comedians take the ‘easy way’ and make fun of us for being backwoods and stupid.