1. Working on a unified theory of Southern identity, as it applies to Italy and the U.S.

    Short version: in both countries, the South is an economically depressed, largely agricultural region that the industrialized, liberal North can use as a scapegoat for the problems of poverty, racism, xenophobia, and so on (i.e. if you blame everything on those backwards rednecks/terroni, then no one will notice the root cause of those problems inherent to the system)

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    And do you ever wonder why republicans are only concerned with folks in the “inner cities” AKA black folks? Why no mention of poor folks in rural places in states like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee? Could it be because these poor white people vote republican and you need them (and others) to view those inner city people as being bad? Why demean one group of poor people and give the other group of poor people a pass? Is it because one group of poor people should be blamed for their condition but the other should not? Why cut food stamps and other programs that you think will help poor folks in the inner cities, but throw all kind of farm subsidies to rural poor folks?
  3. You want to know why most folk musicians are leftists? It’s because leftists were the only ones who cared enough to try to preserve folk music in the first place.

    The folk revival of the 1960s is a direct result of the work done by people like Charles Seeger (Pete’s father) and John Lomax (Alan’s father), among others, as part of various WPA programs (Federal Writers Project, Federal Musicians Project, and so on) enacted during the New Deal.

    So, yeah, if you’re a fan of folk music, you damn well better be a leftist. Otherwise you’re just an ungrateful little shit.

  4. The failure of the American left to engage more substantially on environmental issues at home has real consequences for the expansion of neoliberalism worldwide.

    The history of environmentalism is littered with Malthusianism, ecological determinism, biological essentialism, and neocolonial conservationism. Left skepticism of — or perhaps more accurately, indifference to — engagement with ecological politics is certainly understandable. But we’re not talking about preserving an idealized concept of pristine, untouched nature — we’re talking about the world we choose to make, and the world we’ll have to live in.

  5. Friend, your Facebook posts have been particularly enlightening lately and have caused me to reconsider my previously held beliefs. Your keen insight has brought up some interesting theological and philosophical points which I hadn’t previously considered. Thank you so much for your help in fostering my spiritual and intellectual growth. If it is all right with you, I would very much like to continue this conversation in greater depth in the future.
    — No one. Ever. In the entire history of the human race.
  6. eschaton-disaster:


    Thank the Lord. Now we need to ensure that this doesn’t come back again.

  7. Fixing the education system is complicated! You can’t just throw a bunch of money at the problem and guarantee kids will get a quality education!
    — Rich people who send their kids to exclusive prep schools, shuttle them to countless résumé-padding extracurricular activities, hire personal tutors for extra one-on-one attention, and donate to their alma mater to ensure their kid’s legacy status.
  8. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.

    Barack Obama, State of the Union 2014

    Look, I hate Republican obstructionism as much as anybody, but I am not on board with this sort of invocation of executive privilege.

  9. [Credit scores as a basis for hiring is] one more way in which the system is rigged.

    If you’re rich and you get divorced, it’s not going to hurt your credit rating. If you’re rich and you have a medical problem, it’s not going to hurt your credit rating. If you’re rich and you end up quitting your job or losing your job, you walk out with a whole lot of savings, you walk out with a nice package. It’s not going to hurt your credit rating.

    But how about families who work hard every day, who live a lot closer to the economic margin? Those are the ones who get hit with a problem, with a medical problem, with a job loss. And boy, it’s not only the hit, it’s the financial fallout from that hit. And here’s the deal: it stays on their credit report for seven years, in some cases even longer.

    So what does that really mean? This is a problem that hits hardworking families who are struggling to get back on their feet. It’s not one that hits the rich, and I think that’s just wrong.


    Elizabeth Warren, commenting on credit scores being a rigged way to deny poor people employment, as reported by Common Dreams.  (via america-wakiewakie)

    It’s also important to bear in mind just how much credit scores can vary based upon a person’s race. Not only do blacks and Latinos tend to have lower credit scores than whites, they’re also more likely to be turned down for a loan or have a higher interest rate even if they have the same score.

    Using credit scores to deny someone employment is just another way that our current system prevents any sort of economic advancement for the wrong sort of person.

    It’s evil. And it needs to stop.

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  10. ryanvoid:

    good gravy, apparently paleoconservatism is a thing that exists

    and apparently they are super mad about FDR

    i’ve done it. i’ve found a group full of more shitbeards than the Libertarians

    Yep. Libertarianism at least has an internal logic to it. Paleos are just angry white dudes whose philosophy doesn’t go any deeper than, “Ugh, don’t you miss the good old days when women and minorities didn’t have all these pesky rights?