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Iranian artist, Leila PazookiMoment of GloryNeon light installationDimensions variable2010Courtesy Leila Heller Gallery


    Iranian artist, Leila Pazooki
    Moment of Glory
    Neon light installation
    Dimensions variable
    Courtesy Leila Heller Gallery

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  3. Bookguns - Robert The

    Bookguns - Robert The

  4. X-Ray and Anatomical Stained Glass Windows by Wim Delvoye

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    Illustrator draws faces, lets 4-year-old draw bodies, ends up with adorably weird art 
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American Dream Release
Preston BradleySilkscreen


    American Dream Release

    Preston Bradley


  7. Co-opting the language and imagery of depression, addiction, or any other mental health issue is just about the shittiest thing an artist can do. Not only does it encourage lonely teenagers to write terrible poetry about how ~DARK AND DEPRESSING~ the world is, it demeans the lives of people who actually have to live with these issues.

    Put it this way: the reason I’m drawn to artists like Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnston, et al. isn’t because I think depression and schizophrenia are quirky character traits, it’s because those people were able to create beautiful artwork in spite of their problems. They’re warriors, and they inspire me to power through my own (comparatively minor) issues and get things done.

    Put it another way: would it be offensive if I went around pretending to have cerebral palsy because I like Christy Brown’s paintings? Same damn thing.

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    Cartoon Kevin - illustrator Kevin McShane drew 100 self portraits in the style of 100 different animators. Click through to see them all.

    Cartoon Kevin - illustrator Kevin McShane drew 100 self portraits in the style of 100 different animators. Click through to see them all.

  9. More on the Naked She-Pope of Carnegie Mellon…

    We should also carefully consider what it means to deem the nude female body “offensive.” Western culture is often termed a “rape culture” – and rightfully so. The misogyny integral to our understanding of bodies, sexualities, and genders devalues anything womanly, anything feminine. Women’s bodies, nude or clothed,  are viewed as sexual objects and non-intelligent targets of criticism. Even in Western art history, “the nude” – a desexualized, matronly, non-threatening female form – has been the preferred representation of the naked woman. Given this history, many people are frightened and shocked when they see an independent, thinking, powerful woman in the nude. Such an image tells us that women own their own bodies, not men, and that women have the ability to be the one who desires – not just the desired object. By deeming this student’s appearance “offensive”, you invoke a misogynistic, sex-negative, body-negative argument that continues a long, sad pattern of treating women as objects of shame, instead of intelligent humans in their own right. 

  10. Truth can make no pact with ‘prevailing customs.’ It finds no guiding thread in them
    — Max Horkheimer, Art and Mass Culture