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    go for it, especially the new folks

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  3. It’s pretty telling that the mainstream discourse surrounding GMOs focuses more on consumer fears about proper labeling at Whole Foods than on the strong-arm legal tactics companies like Monsanto use against independent farmers in order to enforce their patent claims.

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    My problem isn’t that you’re glad Joan Rivers is dead, it’s that the way you’re going on about it makes it seem like you think it’s edgy to reject the belief that human life is inherently valuable in favor of the belief that the value of a person’s life is dependent upon their actions and moral character. That isn’t edgy. It isn’t some new revelation. It’s like one rung beneath the capital punishment debate that they force you to do in high-school and nobody gives a fuck that you’ve picked a team.

    You’ve taken an uninteresting and ancient stance on an uninteresting and ancient topic in response to the death of an uninteresting and ancient woman. You don’t need a bumper sticker for it.

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    some nerd: communism will never work because human nature

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  6. This idea that the fight against the mascotting of Native people is something new and led by white folks is an oddly insular and navel-gazing way to understand the issue—and yet another way of cutting Native people out of the American discourse about things that matter to us. By reframing the issue this way, the Washington NFL team continues to make real, modern Native people to disappear, much as their mascot does. It’s a continuation of the extinguishment of the Native voice and the appropriation of our identity and lands. This constant denial of our existence that leads Native youth to feel disconnected from American society and exacerbates the burdens of poverty; Native youth have three times the suicide rate of their American peers of any ethnicity. It also leads to bad policy decisions by non-Native politicians and poor funding for the very real needs of our communities.

    Jackie Keeler, Navajo/Yankton Dakota Sioux organizer, and co-founder of EONM (Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry).

    "The Assassinating of Native American Voices by the Cowards Palin, Ditka and Snyder" - Dave Zirin | Edge of Sports

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    For Hire: Experienced proofraeder with excelent attention to detail.

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    like pro wrestling is a combination of improv comedy, performance art, ballet, and soap opera, what’s not to love

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    so done with tumblr “leftists” who go out of their way to defend celebrities who pay lip service to social justice causes while benefiting from (and perpetuating) the global capitalist hegemony, but refuse to give the same benefit of the doubt to actual working class folks whose only crime is not being well-read enough or showing proper deference to the conventions of academia.

    too often, academic language is used as a shibboleth to shut out voices that aren’t “polite” enough or make people uncomfortable, when the fact of the matter is that those are often the voices that need to be heard the most.

  10. why don’t feminists do more about men’s issues?

    why don’t lgbt activists focus more on what straight people want?

    why doesn’t cat fancy publish more articles about dogs?