1. reasons why communism won’t work



    There is a spectre haunting the WWF, brother… the spectre of the Hulkamania…

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    like i love the hazy bullshit criteria for “acceptable manly beautification practices”

    if you use apricot scrub, you can only use your partner’s already-purchased scrub in the shower and never admit to it. fuck some moisturizer, you can only moisturize that chiseled face with the sweat off your brow, which you also can never be seen trimming, so help me god

    Nothing Is Manlier Than Looking Like a Naugahyde Luncheonette Booth

    For REAL MANLY SKIN, I recommend using a belt sander to exfoliate, followed by a moisturizing scrub made from scotch and rendered bacon fat. For best results, be sure to punch the mirror afterwards.

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    One of my favorite things about Tumblr is that it allows people of all walks of life to have open and thoughtful dialogue about serious issues.

    One of my favorite things about Tumblr is that it allows people of all walks of life to have open and thoughtful dialogue about serious issues.

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    I don’t understand the point of this post. Greek key is a really common design theme, used in a multitude of contexts outside of the Golden Dawn logo (Greek diner cups, anyone?). In terms of racist imagery, it’s less like a swastika (which has been completely co-opted fascists and white supremacists here in the West), and more like a Celtic cross or a triskelion - sometimes they’re used in fascist/racist context, but oftentimes they’re not. Common sense and context should guide your response.

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    re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything


    go for it, especially the new folks

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  9. It’s pretty telling that the mainstream discourse surrounding GMOs focuses more on consumer fears about proper labeling at Whole Foods than on the strong-arm legal tactics companies like Monsanto use against independent farmers in order to enforce their patent claims.

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    My problem isn’t that you’re glad Joan Rivers is dead, it’s that the way you’re going on about it makes it seem like you think it’s edgy to reject the belief that human life is inherently valuable in favor of the belief that the value of a person’s life is dependent upon their actions and moral character. That isn’t edgy. It isn’t some new revelation. It’s like one rung beneath the capital punishment debate that they force you to do in high-school and nobody gives a fuck that you’ve picked a team.

    You’ve taken an uninteresting and ancient stance on an uninteresting and ancient topic in response to the death of an uninteresting and ancient woman. You don’t need a bumper sticker for it.