1. The ease with which certain liberal bloggers at venues like the Daily Beast and Gawker use the terminology of racists, bigots, and violent segregationists should give everyone pause, and it should tell leftists that we have a long way to go towards building a truly progressive media.
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    The Louvin Brothers - The River of Jordan

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  3. Just one year ago, East Shellwood was one of the poorest neighborhoods in America. Its public schools were buckling under budget cuts and the crime rate was steadily increasing, while property values had hit an all-time low.

    Today, all of that has changed. East Shellwood is thriving, and shows no signs of slowing down. So what happened?

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    I hope everyone remembers Hillary Clinton’s passionate defense of Israel’s war crimes and total silence on Ferguson when she’s running for president in two years.

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    "Ill Be Rested (When the Roll is Called)" - Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother

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    untitled sketch

    untitled sketch

  7. If you read The Spin’s review of last night’s One Direction pop extravaganza at LP Field, then you know that many a dutiful parent was in attendance. Particularly, sad dads.

    You can view shutterbug Angelina Castillo’s 1D slideshow here, but follow us after the jump for some of Angelina’s #SadDad shots, with captions by The Spin.

    "How long is this thing? Four hours? I guess I can replay Ken Burns documentaries in my head while staring into the middle-distance for that long."

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    Is this real?

    Yep. The story goes that when Hitchcock was a small child, his father sent him to the police station and had him locked in a cell for a few minutes as a way to scare little Alfred straight. Afterwards, he had a lifelong fear and distrust of the police, and those themes cropped up quite frequently in his films.

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    summary of classical art songs

    1. Italian: sweet, sweet booty. cruel, cruel booty. booty...booty.
    2. German: what is life? nature. music. love. so great. let's be slow.
    3. French: im so sad and french
    5. American: existential crisis. dissonant. jesus. fear. im so avante garde.