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    untitled sketch

    untitled sketch

  3. If you read The Spin’s review of last night’s One Direction pop extravaganza at LP Field, then you know that many a dutiful parent was in attendance. Particularly, sad dads.

    You can view shutterbug Angelina Castillo’s 1D slideshow here, but follow us after the jump for some of Angelina’s #SadDad shots, with captions by The Spin.

    "How long is this thing? Four hours? I guess I can replay Ken Burns documentaries in my head while staring into the middle-distance for that long."

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    Is this real?

    Yep. The story goes that when Hitchcock was a small child, his father sent him to the police station and had him locked in a cell for a few minutes as a way to scare little Alfred straight. Afterwards, he had a lifelong fear and distrust of the police, and those themes cropped up quite frequently in his films.

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    summary of classical art songs

    1. Italian: sweet, sweet booty. cruel, cruel booty. booty...booty.
    2. German: what is life? nature. music. love. so great. let's be slow.
    3. French: im so sad and french
    5. American: existential crisis. dissonant. jesus. fear. im so avante garde.
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    Jesse Winchester - “Defying Gravity”

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    what’s Whitney Houston’s favorite type of coordination?


    i hate this i hate u 

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    people get so impressed when somebody like david bowie or beyonce releases a secret album that no one knew about beforehand.

    that’s nothing. i’ve got albums that have stayed secret even after they were released.