1. late night thoughts on don henley’s “the boys of summer”

    to give credit where credit’s due, the line “deadhead sticker on a cadillac” is a pretty concise and poetic description of baby boomer idealism being subsumed by capitalism.

    that said, don henley sounds so damn smug when he sings that line that it makes me just want to punch him in the face…

    like, yeah, that’s a pretty great line, don… but it’s not that great. don’t get too excited…

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    I’ve discovered that apparently in the XIX/XX cent. there was a “mediterranean race" described? Wat.

    Yup Lombroso was very influential to American eugenicists. U.S. authorities even distinguished between Northern and Southern Italian immigrants at one point (Northerners were apparently “alpine” compared to “Mediterranean” southerners)

    Yup. According to eugenicists, southern Italians, Greeks, et al. were the result of miscegenation between the supposedly “pure” Nordics and other, lesser races. It was basically a way for them to claim the achievements of classical Greece and Rome as the products of “white” civilization, but still explain why it was okay to treat recent immigrants like second class citizens. They were white, but not white enough…

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    Favorite characters in Game of Thrones:

    Poochie The Rockin’ Dog

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    I love how offended people with traditionally attractive bodies get when they feel excluded from body positivity stuff. 

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    When someone says their favorite classical piece is Für Elise.




    Okay, but this bothers me, because it comes off as incredibly elitist. There’s nothing wrong with liking “Für Elise.” Maybe the person who told you that hasn’t been exposed to other classical music. Maybe they want to listen to more but they don’t know where to start. So how about we, as musicians, encourage people and help them find other pieces they might like instead of dismissing them and writing them off.

    The last thing the classical music world needs is more elitism. And speaking as a journeyman cellist, the popular repertoire is what helps sustain the live music business. So yeah, it’s kind of boring to have to play the Bach prelude, Canon in D, and the Mendelssohn march at every wedding gig, but you know what? If that’s what makes the client happy, that’s what makes me happy. And if I have the opportunity to slip in a few less common choices to broaden people’s taste, that’s just gravy.

  7. One of the official French language certifications is called the diplôme initiale de langue française, or DILF. That means it’s not that uncommon to see job postings that say things like “DILF certification required” or for people to put things like “A1 DILF” on their curriculum vitae.

    And people say learning French is a waste of time.

    (All joking aside, DILF certification is actually the lowest level, and my undergrad degree in French means I’m way overqualified for it. DELF (diplôme d’études) and DALF (diplôme approfondi) would be more suitable, but much less funny.)

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    i think the vegans in my life have more hate for PETA than i do. it’s frustrating to have your position badly represented by loathsome clowns who do not speak for you

    I’m generally not one for conspiratorial thinking, but there are times when I really do wonder if PETA isn’t actually a front for the meat and dairy industry.

    I mean, they consistently choose the worst possible tactics to advance their cause. The Detroit water fiasco is just the latest example of their offensive nonsense. How on earth could anyone honestly be this bad at advocacy?

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    It’s Summer’s Eve not Summer’s Steve

  10. researching the circulatory systems of jellyfish for a love song i’m working on

    i’ll just leave that there and let y’all ponder on it for a minute.